The HUstart Story

HUstart, The Hebrew University Entrepreneurship Center is a joint venture of the Faculty of Science, the Business School (Through the generosity of the Asper Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation) and Yissum (The University’s TTO), which provides practical education, support, mentorships and connections needed for HUJI students and Jerusalem community members to become effective entrepreneurs. HUstart offers HUB space to individuals, teams, as well as early and mid stage startups.  Our hub includes desks, wifi, trolling mentors and an innovative atmosphere for the community to thrive in.

HUstart gains it strength from more than 1,000 faculty members, 23,000 students, 90 years of innovation and more than 50 years of technology transferring, including the biggest Israeli IPO ever – Mobileye, which is valued in $10B.

HUstart’s core activity is the HUstart Startup Factory. Programming consists of a pre-accelerator and accelerator. The pre-accelerator program is open to individuals and geared towards crafting balanced teams and taking ideas to an accelerator program entrance-level by teaching the nuts and bolts of entrepreneurship. The full-blown accelerator program is open to teams and handles product launch, funding and growth issues to strengthen and accelerate the participating ventures.

Other programming includes the HUJI Innovation Lab which is HUstart’s meetup series for students and community members on software and hardware technologies. The Innovation Lab hosts different lecturers weekly as well as provides hands on workshops. In addition, together with BioGiv, a HUJI BioTech provider, HUstart gives BioTech startups full access to high-end lab facilities and services of the Hebrew University that make research for startups much easier and faster.

All of our programs are rounded off with top-notch mentors that guide and advise using knowledge gained from personal triumphs and failures.  From university researchers to serial entrepreneurs, HUstart participants receive first class guidance through the startup world from seasoned veterans.