HUstart welcomes foreign startup entrepreneurs, investors and professionals to the City of Jerusalem.  Let us help you while you’re here!



Everything you need to know before you get here.  Book your meetings in advance and connect with the community.


Office space, events, and introductions.  Find everything you need while you’re here.


Follow up with the people you met and stay connected even from afar.  All the resources you need to not miss a beat while your away.


With one of the most unexpected Startup scenes, Jerusalem has seen an explosion in recent years in the number of startups,  accelerators and visiting and local investors.  Home to multiple leading academic, design and research institutions Jerusalem is bursting with potential that has caught the eye of many around the world.  Known more for religion and politics than art and innovation, Jerusalem is now the fastest growing startup ecosystem in Israel.  Explore Jerusalem and be a part of the startup renaissance taking place within her city walls.


  1. Try to visit on dates when there are tech events taking place.  Check out our event page for HUstart events and MadeinJLM for a full list of what is going in the Jerusalem ecosystem.
  2. Let Jerusalem know your coming!  Shout out to the community on Facebook at Jerusalem Startup and Tech Community and Jerusalem Business Networking Forum.  You can also try Startup Community Between Israel and Japan and China-Israel Network.
  3. Check out who is here on Mapped in Israel.
  4. Let us help you make connections.  Contact us!


  1.  Don’t be shy!  Israelis love meeting new people and Jerusalemites are always looking to connect with new talent.
  2. Get a work space in the HUstart hub!  It’s the easiest way to work, connect with other entrepreneurs and be in the “in” on what’s going on in Jerusalem.  Contact us for subsidized prices.
  3. Get help from locals on anything from short term apartment rentals to where to eat by asking questions and connecting with others via Secret Jerusalem.
  4. Explore!  You are in one of the most ancient and holy cities in the world after all.


  1. Follow up with the people you met and the JLM startup community.
  2. Hire an Israeli employee or find an Israeli co-founder by getting in touch with us, checking out our job board or posting on one of the many Facebook groups dedicated to employment in startups in Jerusalem and Israel.
  3. Plan your next trip!  We miss you already.